History of Kehllee in Canon

When the stories are being released and there is plenty of content, I will start to write down the history of the planet in canon.


History of Kehllee in Real Life

I came up with Kehllee from my own name, Kelly. I already had a concept and numerous characters for an extremely diverse planet where in one country, there would be earthly citizens, while in the next country over, there would be mermaids; it just needed a name. This planet is home to some of my earliest and most fun characters I have created. I am more than pleased to be releasing Kehllee among the first wave of my stories, although just barely. The world's map is vaguely based off of Earth's, although it is not quite the same.

I'll tell more of the history in Real Life when I start releasing the stories. I don't want to spoil names of places TOO much before hand!


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